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Leaflet for the Visconti Institute in Rome

We are proud to have acquired a school of great prestige and tradition in our client portfolio: the Istituto Paritario Visconti in Rome.
The only Institute with a four-year course of study authorized in Rome and Lazio.
Since 1965, the Visconti Institute has been confirmed as a real institution in the capital and offers various study courses: Classical, Scientific, Sports, Linguistic and International High Schools with a four-year course.
Tiky Adv will take care of the on and off line communication for Visconti with an editorial plan articulated on the various social channels as well as the creation of the new website for Visconti Rabat, the new office that Visconti has opened in Morocco for elementary and middle school students.
Istituto Visconti chooses Tiky Adv.
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